Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Medieval Fiction

Lady of the English / by Elizabeth Chadwick
There are many in the English royal court who’d like to prevent Matilda, daughter of Henry I, to succeed her father on the throne. Some within her own family even, like her widowed mother’s second husband, fight to preserve not only a preferred line of succession but to keep a woman from being the monarch. But Matilda’s adversaries don’t know the strength she possesses to remain steadfast in her duty and lead her country. (FIC CHADWICK)
The Burning Land: A Novel / by Bernard Cornwell
In ninth-century Britain, the once youthful King Alfred the Great has grown old and feeble and is ill-equipped to defend his kingdom against the marauding Viking raiders. Having to hire outside help, he secures the aid of vicious mercenary Uhtred the Saxon, a mercenary who defends the honor of the king amid perilous circumstances and treacherous schemes. (FIC CORNWELL)

Holy Warrior: A Novel of Robin Hood / by Angus Donald
In 1190 A.D., Richard the Lionheart has assumed his rightful position as King of England. His first order of business is to take up arms in a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land with his most trusted nobility in-tow. Among them is a fearless knight named Robin of Locksley, as good a fighter and as battle tested a warrior as Richard possesses. (FIC DONALD)

The King’s Witch / by Cecelia Holland
Under the grueling circumstances that encompass the Third Crusade, death by disease and pestilence is as common as being killed in battle. Fortunately for King Richard, he has a secret ally in a mysterious woman claiming to have been sent by his mother. The woman, Edythe, remains under suspicion until her extraordinary healing gifts come into play at just the right time. (FIC HOLLAND)
Lionheart / by Sharon Kay Penman
One of only two surviving sons of Henry of Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard is no sooner on the throne following his father’s death than he’s engulfed in a crusade to reclaim the Holy Land. Marching toward a pivotal war against the formidable Saladin and the Muslim hoard, Richard must defer his duties as King to his younger brother John. (FIC PENMAN)
Nightshade: A Hugh Corbett Mystery / by P.C. Doherty
Hugh Corbett, in service of his majesty King Edward I, is sent to investigate the case of an renegade local lord who’s refused to relinquish a priceless relic he found during the Crusades. Furthermore, the nobleman in question has accused several Knights Templar of heresy and is suspected of murdering a few. (MYS DOHERTY)

Chalice of Blood: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland / by Peter Tremayne
In 670 A.D., the murder of an esteemed monk and scholar has occurred at the Abbey of Lios Mor in Ireland. The killer has absconded with an important manuscript containing some cryptic writings. With haste Abbot Iarnla sends for savvy sleuth Sister Fidelma and her companion Brother Eadulf to investigate the matter. (MYS TREMAYNE)
The Enterprise of Death / by Jesse Bullington
Awa is a Moorish slave accompanying her mistress on a sea voyage when their ship is marooned on an island off the coast of Spain. When her party’s captured by a necromancer, an ancient sorcerer with the power to raise the dead, Awa comes under his tutelage, ultimately learning his black arts only to have him place a curse on her when she attempts to escape. (SF BULLINGT)

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