Monday, November 7, 2011

The Lafitte Project

Local news affiliate The Bay Area Observer has been chronicling updates on The Lafitte Project, a documentary undertaking on the life and legend of (in)famous privateer Jean Lafitte, the "Gentleman Pirate". An independent effort spearheaded by Charles and Cody Hix of Baytown, the film is still in production though updates and previews are regularly released on he website. It's an intriguing piece both for its tenacious undertaking of the privateer's actual travels and adventures as well as its investigation into Lafitte's indeterminate roots--much of he and brother Pierre's actual family history remains a mystery. It's worth noting that the integral role one of Texas City's pioneering founders, Capt. James Campbell, played during Lafitte's stay in Galveston, a factoid the documentary hasn't failed to elaborate on.

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