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Adrenaline Rush

These series are full packed full of adrenaline and will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will notice some familiar titles (especially those by Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum) from the movies that have been made from the books. There is also a copy of this list with the other bibliographies by the Catalog computers and online with the other bibliographies. Enjoy!

Shane Sculley Series                        by Stephen J. Cannell

Shane Sculley is a LAPD Detective who becomes considered a “rogue” cop by the other members of the force. While dealing with those issues, Sculley is also facing danger from corrupt members of the force, deadly members of the movie and music business, issues of international terrorism, and so many other dangers.

The Tin Collectors                                                          Three Shirt Deal
The Viking Funeral                                                         On the Grind  
Hollywood Tough                                                           The Pallbearers 
Vertical Coffin                                                                The Prostitute’s Ball               
Cold Hit                                                                         Vigilante 
White Sister

Jack Ryan Series                                   by Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan was a marine, historian, and he works for the CIA as an analyst. However, his work does not just consist of office work. Ryan’s work with the CIA puts him in all kinds of dangerous situations he may (or may not) be ready for.

Without Remorse                                                           Rainbow Six 
Patriot Games                                                                The Bear & the Dragon
Red Rabbit                                                                     The Teeth of the Tiger
The Hunt for Red October 
The Cardinal of the Kremlin    
Clear and Present Danger
The Sum of All Fears 
Debt of Honor 
Executive Orders 

Jack Reacher Series                                 by Lee Child

Jack Reacher was previously a homicide detective in the military police. After retiring from the military, Jack decides to roam around incognito fixing situations that he knows are wrong. There is plenty of danger and action, though, to keep him busy. 

Killing Floor                                                                   The Hard Way
Die Trying                                                                     Bad Luck and Trouble 
Tripwire                                                                                    Nothing to Lose
Running Blind                                                                 Gone Tomorrow
Echo Burning                                                                 61 Hours
Without Fail                                                                   Worth Dying For
Persuader                                                                      The Affair   
The Enemy                   
One Shot

Jack McEvoy Series        by Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy is a crime reporter specializing in violent homicides. When his brother (a homicide detective) appears to commit suicide, Jack decides to look into it and finds a cop-killing, poet writing serial killer. However, The Poet may not be the worst killer that Jack has to go up against.

The Poet
The Scarecrow 

Lincoln Rhyme Series                      by Jeffery Deaver
 Lincoln Rhyme is a brilliant criminologist, but an accident has left him a quadriplegic (and not just scarred on his body). Then a serial killer decides to play a game with Rhyme, and while working with police detective, Amelia Sachs, Rhyme has to overcome his challenges to help find the killer. In subsequent works, Rhyme and Sachs continue to work together to find killers (and face the danger this brings). 

The Bone Collector                                                         The Twelfth Card
The Coffin Dancer                                                          The Cold Moon 
The Empty Chair                                                            The Broken Window
The Stone Monkey                                                         The Burning Wire 
The Vanished Man

John Corey Series                                by Nelson DeMille

John Corey was a homicide detective for the NYPD, but after recuperating from a wound received in the line of duty, he decides to become an FBI consultant. Now he faces lots of new and different threats.

Plum Island                                                                   Wild Fire  
The Lion’s Game                                                            The Lion 
Night Fall          

American Assassin Series                by Vince Flynn

CIA agent, Mitch Rapp, begins his career wanting revenge on those who caused the death of his loved ones. All threats may not just be from outside the United States, though.

American Assassin                                                         Consent to Kill   
Kill Shot                                                                         Act of Treason   
Transfer of Power                                                          Protect and Defend
The Third Option                                                            Extreme Measures 
Separation of Power                                                       Pursuit of Honor
Executive Power
Memorial Day

The Presidential Agent Series      by W.E.B. Griffin

When there is a question of whether a wrong-doing was committed, the president turns to Major Charley Castillo to find answers.

By Order of the President                                                Black Ops 
The Hostage                                                                  The Outlaws
The Hunters                                                                  Covert Warriors 
The Shooters  

Jason Bourne Series                      by Robert Ludlum and Eric Lustbader

Jason Bourne is not sure who he is or why people are trying to kill him. All he knows is that he knows a lot about how to kill people.

The Bourne Identity                                                       The Bourne Sanction
The Bourne Supremacy                                                  The Bourne Deception
The Bourne Ultimatum                                                    The Bourne Objective
The Bourne Legacy                                                        The Bourne Dominion   
The Bourne Betrayal                                                      The Bourne Imperative

Walt Fleming Series                                  by Ridley Pearson

Walt Fleming is the sheriff of Blaine County, Idaho. As sheriff, he has to face not just dangerous criminals, but  also the dangerous elements.

Killer Weekend                                                              Killer Summer 
Killer View                                                                     In Harm’s Way  

Lucas Davenport Series             by John Sandford
Lucas Davenport is a detective in the Minneapolis Police Department. He is not always good at doing things “by-the-book,” but he gets the job done.

Rules of Prey                                                                 Chosen Prey  
Shadow Prey                                                                 Mortal Prey 
Eyes of Prey                                                                  Naked Prey 
Silent Prey                                                                     Hidden Prey  
Winter Prey                                                                   Broken Prey
Night Prey                                                                     Invisible Prey  
Mind Prey                                                                      Phantom Prey  
Sudden Prey                                                                  Wicked Prey  
Secret Prey                                                                    Storm Prey  
Certain Prey                                                                  Buried Prey  
Easy Prey                                                                      Stolen Prey  

Scot Harvath Series                                                    by Brad Thor

Ex-Navy Seal Scot Harvath is one of the president’s Secret Service agents. Then after his rescue adventure, he becomes someone the president depends on to defend the nation against foreign aggressors. 

The Lions of Lucerne                                                      The Last Patriot  
Path of the Assassin                                                       The Apostle  
State of the Union                                                          Foreign Influence 
Blowback                                                                      Full Black    
Takedown                                                                     Black List  
The First Commandment

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