Monday, July 16, 2012

I’ve Got Your Number

by Sophie Kinsella                  




Poppy Wyatt was having a very, very bad day. First, during the fire alarm, her engagement ring (a very expensive family heirloom) went missing, and then while searching frantically for the ring, her cell phone is stolen. Needing a number to be reached at (in case someone finds the ring), Poppy is ecstatic to find a phone thrown away in the trash can. Soon, Poppy finds out that it is a business phone of the personal assistant of a very busy businessman. Sam Roxton is not happy to let Poppy keep the phone for a few days, but when she promises to keep him updated on emails, calls, and texts, he relents. Unfortunately for Sam, Poppy is very interested in what is going on in Sam’s business and his personal life. Sam also tries to help her out with some of the issues that she seems to be having with her fiancé and his family. Will this situation work out for these two individuals, or are there more problems than even the two of them working together can handle? This story takes place in London, and there is a lot of British slang used. There is also quite a bit of cussing used, but you will find yourself chuckling at the crazy antics that go along with sharing a phone and inbox.     

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