Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What do you use the library for?

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Twice a year, the Library Day in the Life project asks library staff and library students from around the world to document their day or week. It's a way of giving a behind-the-scenes look on how a library runs. Here at Moore Library, we thought we'd bring our patrons in on the action and ask them what brings them through our doors as a way of showing the wide variety of needs and interests that the library serves. Here were some of their answers:

Today I am using the library to …

view work, website project

do my college work!

do my own taxes!

job hunting

college homework

check out books, check e-mail, check out jobs

work, read and network. I love it here!

to do research and job search

file taxes and Facebook

use the computer — it's my way of limiting the time I use checking email!

get on the computer to get on Facebook and maybe do some research

Facebook, real books
We've got a big, blank piece of paper at the front of the library just waiting for your own responses. Please feel free to write your own comments as you come in, or come to the the reference desk to fill out a Library Snapshot comment card.

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