Monday, February 13, 2012

Tudor Fiction

Portrait of an Unknown Woman / by Vanora Bennett
Involving a turbulent period in England’s past, this interwoven story of intrigue and suspicion chronicles renowned German artist Hans Holbein as he paints two seemingly identical portraits of Sir Thomas More’s family. There’s more than meets the eye however as a strange disparity pertaining to the two portraits is revealed in time, particularly in the matter of Meg Giggs, More’s adopted daughter. Bennett is also the author of The Queen’s Lover. (FIC BENNETT)

The Crown / by Nancy Bilyeau
When her favorite cousin has been sentenced to death by King Henry VIII, Joanna Stafford, a nun, leaves her priory only get her father arrested in the process. In order to save both, Joanna must now investigate a peculiar matter of a legendary crown back at her nunnery, a relic which may hold the key to more than just the fate of those she loves. (FIC BILYEAU)

In The Time of the Poisoned Queen / Ann Dukthas
England in 1558 is a treacherous place. A deathly ill Queen Mary still rules the throne but fears that she and her allies are slowly being poisoned by treasonous political foes, enemies certain to gain from Mary’s death. The political predicament is only amplified by religious strife, the ongoing Catholic vs. Protestant conflict, which threatens both the monarchy and the kingdom as a whole. (FIC DUKTHAS)

The Confession of Katherine Howard / by Suzannah Dunn
Aided by the political manipulations of members of her family, youthful Katherine Howard, cousin to Anne Boleyn, becomes the fifth wife of King Henry VIII. But her past indiscretions hold a treacherous fate for both the new queen and her best friend. Dunn is also the author of The Queen of Subtleties and The Sixth Wife. (FIC DUNN)

The Favored Queen: A Novel of Henry VIII’s Third Wife / by Carolly Erickson
It is said that King Henry VIII considered third wife Jane Seymour his favorite. She died in childbirth giving birth to his only son and upon his own death, Henry was buried next to her. This book presents the life of Jane in its entirety, from her birth to a noble family to her marriage to the King. Erickson is also the author of The Last Wife of Henry VIII, a novel about his marriage to Catherine Parr. (FIC ERICKSON)

The Autobiography of Henry VIII, With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers: A Novel / by Margaret George
The larger-than-life story of enigmatic King Henry VIII is expressed in this intriguing novel of biographical context. Henry, with input and info provided by his court jester William Somers, details his life and times, providing intimate detail into his realm, his politics, his religious convictions and his widely scrutinized personal life. (FIC GEORGE)

The Other Boleyn Girl: A Novel / by Philippa Gregory
Anne Boleyn may be known as one of England’s most famous (and infamous) Queens, but fewer know about the previous liason her older sister, Mary, carried on with King Henry VIII prior to Anne’s marriage to his majesty. This is the first book in Gregory’s “The Tudors” series although the books are not necessarily published in chronological order. (FIC GREGORY)

Wolf Hall / by Hilary Mantel
As the forces of change compel King Henry VIII and the English throne to consider converting to Protestantism, Cardinal Wolsey, the Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, finds his power diminished and himself out of favor. In his place, a new man, a scheming politician named Thomas Cromwell, assumes an ever-escalating position of power within the King’s inner circle. (FIC MANTEL)

Prophecy: A Thriller / by S.J. Parris
In the year of 1583, residents of London live in fear as several strange events begin unraveling around them. Following the deaths of several of her own maids from what she fears is black magic, Queen Elizabeth summons astrology practitioners John Dee and Giordano Bruno to investigate the matter further. (FIC PARRIS)

The Lady Elizabeth / by Alison Weir
This partially fictionalized portrait of a young Elizabeth chronicles her tumultuous pre-monarch life in which she was largely removed from the Tudor Court altogether. A wanted woman by many, Elizabeth navigates her way through peril and evil intentions to ultimately assume the most powerful position, some say, in the entire world. Weir is also the author of Innocent Traitor: A Novel of Lady Jane Grey. (FIC WEIR)

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