Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't Be That Girl: A Guide To Finding The Confident, Rational Girl Within / by Travis Stork & Leah Furman

"Don't be that girl or you'll end up with that guy." (p. 3). So says Travis Stork, an ER doctor from Tennessee, who was chosen as the bachelor for the eighth season of the same-named reality television show. His subsequent experiences--both on TV and in his own time--helped him parlay his wisdom into book form. That girl, Stork claims, might fit any combination of undesirable qualifications. But of the variety of women he's met, the ones deemed most preferable and well-suited to successful relationships most certainly do not fall into the following categories: 1) Agenda Girl, 2) Yes Girl, 3) Drama Queen Girl, 4) Bitter Girl, 5) Insecure Girl, 6) Desperate Girl, 7) Working Girl & 8) Lost Girl.
Nothing is more important, if you're a woman, than finding the right guy. But if categorized within one or more of these 'girl-types'--there's quizzes and surveys to determine if you are--then you're no doubt, as Stork puts it, "walking, talking man-repellant" (p. 10). But there's hope. The author discusses all of these damaging qualities in depth, but he also illuminates how you can steer clear of potentially plaguing personality flaws and reposition yourself apart from these eight types of which you "absolutely, positively do not want to be . . .", thus providing you with "both long-term and short-term solutions to help you stop acting crazy right here and now." (p. 10). Despite its laughable, unintended comedic quality, this book can be found in the self-help section. (155.6423 STORK)

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