Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Arctic Drift: A Dirk Pitt Novel / by Clive Kussler & Dirk Cussler

Clive Cussler has lived a lifestyle almost to match his adventure-seeking, thrill-getting protagonist Dirk Pitt. Currently the chairman of NUMA (National Underwater & Marine Agency), Cussler has been searching for sunken and buried treasure for about as long as he's been writing bestselling novels--he holds the record for discovered shipwrecks at over 60. He collects rare antiques and custom-made automobiles, has lead gold mining expeditions and is on the board of both the Royal Geographic Society and the American Society of Oceanographers. His latest Dirk Pitt caper (the 20th in the series) places the hero in the midst of an environmental caper where some dastardly deeds are threatening the future of the planet.
As global warming threatens to doom planet earth, a new research discovery near the North Pole is being looked at which could actually help put a stop to the problem. But Canadian oil tycoon Mitchell Goyette has a very vested interest in the Arctic region currently under scrutiny and cares nothing for such environmental concerns. It's strongly hinted that he may be at the bottom of a current pollution epidemic, some contaminated water samples recently having been found in British Columbia by none other than Dirk Pitt Jr. and sister Summer. Goyette could also be linked to a series of unexplained deaths which has sparked something of an international incident of late, the heated war of words between the US and Canadian delegates in Washington reaching powers that be who call upon Dirk Pitt Sr. to intervene on the situation. But when a deadly explosion catches him off guard at his own D.C. post, obviously intended to dissuaed any plans he may have, Dirk knows he needs to find answers and soon.
One thing which may be linking everything together is a mysterious, unidentified metallic mineral substance recently unearthed, thought to have been originally discovered on a 19th century Arctic voyage in search of the fabled Northwest Passage. Only that expedition never reached its destination, never even got close as every last man perished in cryptic fashion. Pitt and his loyal sidekick and lifelong colleague Al Giordino set off on their deadliest voyage yet to search for answers hopefully concealed within the tundra region near the Arctic circle. But they'll have to weather more than just frigid temperatures and glaciers as Goyette is firm with his own sly, treacherous maneuvers and will do everything to see his interests sustained. Does the same destiny await Dirk and his gang which doomed the ill-fated voyage over a century ago? Cussler's latest won't disappoint his loyal fans with this thriller which features the author's trademark suspense and breakneck pace. As adventure novels go, it's win-win all the way. (FIC CUSSLER)

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Anonymous said...

very hard book to put down. A must read for any action/adventure buff. Clive Cussler's renewed my interest in reading. I greatfully thank him.