Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Interesting Reasons to Be Reading

   1. "Reading Can Chill You Out"- Apparently, research was conducted at the Mindlab International at the University of Sussex, which showed that it took only six minutes of reading for the participants to relax (their heart rates and muscle tension were measured). Reading even beat listening to music or taking a walk.

Getting caught up in the issues of the characters also gives you a way of taking yourself away from those stressful thoughts for a while. I know that is very true in my case. Books always help me de-stress (unless of course the characters are in mortal peril). 

2. "Reading Can Help Keep Your Mind Sharp" - Research published in the journal, Neurology, showed that out of 294 participants that died around the average age of 89, those who engaged in "mentally stimulating activies," such as reading or puzzles, experienced a slower decline in their memories (32%).

I know that while reading I am always learning all kinds of new things, and reading one thing usually leads me to research the topics that are brought up in that story. 

3. "Reading May Help You Sleep Better" - Sleep experts recommend a regular "de-stressing" routine before bed that will calm your mind. Reading is a great activity for this, if you don't get too caught up in the story and can't put your book down. 

This is true for me, especially if I am reading my Nook in the dark. However, I am easily caught up in a story, and hours might pass before I am ready to set my Nook down, which is not good for my sleeping pattern. 

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