Friday, August 2, 2013

Only Two Weeks Left for Summer Reading!!!!

Hi Everyone, I hope that you are having fun with all of the reading you have been doing this summer. I am so happy when I pass by Sir-Read-A-Lot and see how much he has grown, and I am so proud of all the hard work that everyone has done to get him that way. YEAH!!! 

 I want to remind everyone that there are still two weeks left to power read through your stacks of books and get your reading logs in on time. I also want to remind you that we have a couple of activities available that will lead to some other prizes. 

The READING MAZE was a new idea we are trying out this year. All you have to do is work your way down the maze, reading different types of books to get to the finish line. Once you turn it in, you get a coupon that gets you a free book off of our Friends of the Library bookcart. Easy breezy!! 

There is also an AWESOME WEBSITES TREASURE HUNT available. All you do is try out the 6 websites (which are wonderful sources of information, by the way), fill in the blanks of the missing words, then use the red underlined letters to spell out a phrase on the back. I am going to ruin the surprise, but answering the questions also gets you a coupon to pick out a book off of the Friends of the Library bookcart. Awesome!!

Just keep reading, and let's see if we can get Sir-Read-Alot to cover the wall behind the Circulation Desk!! As always, Happy Reading!!

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