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Dad Fiction for Father's Day, June 16, 2013

Father's Day is June 16 this year, and to get into the spirit, try reading some of these books. There is also a bibliography with more titles found online and beside the catalogs. Happy reading!!!

Robert Alexander / FIC ALEXANDE
Rasputin’s Daughter          

Through the words (and eye-witness testimony) of Rasputin's eldest daughter, Maria, she tells of his last days during the Russian Revolution. 

Jeffrey Allen / MYS ALLEN              
Stay at Home Dad Mystery Series
Stay at Home Dead           
Popped Off                       

Deuce Winters is a stay-at-home dad in small Rose Petal, Texas. Then one day, he finds a body in his minivan and becomes the number one suspect for the police. With help from his attorney wife, Julianne, can this dad clear his name? In Popped Off, the president of the soccer association, Moises Hubbard, runs off with thousands of the association's dollars, and Deuce decides to try to track him down and save his daughter's soccer season.

Susan Andersen / FIC ANDERSEN   
That Thing Called Love      

Jake Bradshaw left Razor Bay, and his young son, Austin, to be a globetrotting photojournalist. Now he is back to make up for that mistake. Unfortunately for Jake, inn manager, Jenny Salazar, does not believe that Austin needs Jake in his life (after his abandonment), and she is worried what will happen when the next photo assignment comes up.

Annette Blair / FIC BLAIR              
The Butterfly Garden        

Sarah Lapp has all but been shunned by her Amish community for studying with the local doctor to become a midwife. Her first call, however, comes not for a birth but from a man who needs help with his children, whose mother just died in childbirth. Adam Zuckerman is an outcast by choice in his community, but he needs someone that will protect his children from himself, as he is afraid of hurting them the way his father hurt him. Sarah plans to just stay with them long enough to reconcile the small family, but when Adam is in an accident, the choice of how long she stays may be taken out of her hands.

Geraldine Brooks / FIC BROOKS              

In Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, the girls' father is off fighting in the Civil War. Geraldine Brooks wrote this story from his point of view. March is an idealistic chaplain whose faith is tested by the war he takes part in. As he recovers from an illness he caught during the fighting, March must learn to reconnect with the wife and daughters who have no idea what he's been through.

Parry Brown / FIC BROWN             
The Shirt Off His Back               

Terry Winston is a great father, son, and friend, who would give "the shirt off his back" for any one of them. Then his twin girls' mother shows back up wanting custody of them. How will he handle the situation?

W. Dale Cramer / FIC CRAMER                
Summer of Light               

Mick Brannigan loses his good paying construction job to an accident that is not completely his fault. His wife, Layne, is now going to have to go back to work to support the family, and so it will be up to Mick to keep the household going. Will he be up to the challenge? 

Thomas Eidson / MYS EIDSON                 
Souls of Angels                 

Set in the 1880s in Los Angeles, Isadora Lugo left her troubled home at the age of seventeen and became Sister Ria (serving in India). As a child, Isadora had promised her dying mother that she would care for her father in times of trouble, and so she comes home to help her father, who is being tried for the murder of a prostitute. Sister Ria pleads for her father to confess his sins, in order to save his soul, but her sister and the housekeeper are convinced of his innocence. So Sister Ria takes to the streets of Los Angeles to find out the truth, but is she in over her head?    

George Eliot / FIC ELIOT                
Silas Marner     

Silas Marner was a weaver, who was framed for theft by his best friend and driven from his home. After this, he becomes a recluse (moving to another town), who is completely concerned by the money he makes. One day, Marner finds his money stolen, but he also finds a little girl. He adopts the girl, who may become the treasure he didn't know he was looking for.              

Jonathan Safran Foer / FIC FOER             
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close    

Oskar Schell's father died in the attack on September 11. While trying to deal with his father's death, Oskar finds a key among his father's things that doesn't fit any lock in their apartment. This leads Oskar on a scavenger hunt of sorts through New York City to find the lock the key fits.     

David Gerrold / FIC GERROLD        
The Martian Child: A Novel About a Single Father Adopting a Son (Based on a True Story)     

David Gerrold (this is a fictional autobiographical work) knows that he wants to be a father, but being a single gay man, David knows one of the most direct routes is adoption. From the moment he sees Dennis's photograph, David knows he has find the "right" child. However, Dennis has had a rough start in life, and this has led Dennis to believe that he is from Mars. David believes that with enough love, the two can heal each other.   (There is a movie, too, but it is a little different, as you can tell from this summary).

Karl Taro Greenfeld / FIC GREENFEL       

A group of six fathers, with very different occupations, meet each morning at a local Tribeca coffee shop, after walking their children to school. All six men have their faults, and over the course of a year, the reader learns about their hopes, dreams, families, and the realizations that come with having their families.                         

Matt Haig / FIC HAIG            
The Dead Father’s Club

Eleven-year-old Philip Noble is shocked to see his father's ghost at his funeral. Then he father introduces Philip to the Dead Father's Club. It turns out that Philip's uncle killed his father, and Philip's father wants revenge (The may sound familiar to you, as it is a retelling of Hamlet by Shakespeare).          

Denis Hamill / FIC HAMILL             
Sins of Two Fathers        

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Hank Tobin, thought he had it all, until his son is framed (and convicted) for the bombing of Broolyn Mosque (while chasing a front page story). It turns out that the man who did the framing has been waiting for ten years to exact his revenge on Tobin (whose story ruined his family's lives). Can Tobin save his son, even if it means confronting the past?  

Kenneth J. Harvey / SF HARVEY               
The Town that Forgot How to Breathe

Joseph and his daughter, Robin, are vacationing in the seaside town of Bareneed, as Joseph wants to reconnect with the daughter who is slowly drifting away from him. Then they start to notice that strange things going on in the town. Mythical creatures are being pulled from the sea, perfectly preserved corpses of drowned townspeople are washing up on shore, and the people in the town are starting to suffer from an illness that makes them forget how to breathe. Soon, they are both involved in the strange incidents, but can they find out what's wrong and stop it?           

Amy Hatvany / FIC HATVANY
Outside the Lines      

When Eden was ten years old, she found he father in the bathroom after a suicide attempt. This attempt leads her parents to divorce. As she is growing up, Eden hears very little about her father, who seems to be living on the streets and struggling with his mental illness. In her thirties now, Eden just wants to find her father, forgive him, and move on with her life. Her search leads her to some hard truths, though, and some are not just about her father.       

Ernest Hill / FIC HILL            
A Life for a Life      

A local drug dealer threatens the life of D'Ray Reid's younger brother, unless he is given $100 within an hour. The only thing D'Ray can think to do is to rob a convenience store in a nearby town. When things go wrong and the clerk gets killed in the scuffle, D'Ray is forced to run, having to keep committing crimes to stay hidden. After he's caught and sent to prison, he meets Henry Earl, the father of the young man he killed at the convenience store. His own family does not care about him, but this man comes to see him and wants the best for him, if D'Ray can ever forgive himself.             

Wayne Johnson / FIC JOHSON                 
The Devil You Know 

David Geist is not looking forward to the canoe trip that his father has planned for himself, David, and his younger sister, Janie. David thinks the hardest part of the weekend will be in dealing with his novice outdoors man father, but soon he learns he is far from right. David's father, Max, and Janie run across a group of men who are running from the law. The men fear how much the two know about them and decide to silence them (by an means necessary). David comes upon a scary sight of two men attacking his father and sister, and in the scuffle, David kills one of the men. The other one gets away, however, and there are other members in the group that they know will try to come and finish the job. Now the three of them have to run for safety, with uninjured David as their only hope to getting through this weekend alive.           

Ward S. Just / FIC JUST                  
The American Ambassador       

William North is a Foreign Service officer who takes great pride in his work and his country. His son, on the other hand, believes that William is the embodiment of the corruption of Western democracy. Then William's son allies himself with a German terrorist organization, and the disagreement becomes a matter of national security.     

Stephen King / FIC KING                

A man and a woman (Andy and Victoria) were subjects in top-secret government experiment to create extraordinary psychic powers. Then this man and woman get married and have a child, Charlie, whose power is much bigger than theirs and very scary (pyrokinesis). The two do not discuss it all, but they do not know that they are being watched by The Shop, the government organization that administered the drugs and who are keeping an eye out to find successes that can be used as weapons of war. Then one day, Andy comes home and finds that Victoria has been murdered and Charlie has been taken. He uses his abilities to get her back, and they both go on the run. Can they stay hidden for long?                       

Karen Kingsbury  / FIC KINGSBUR 
Oceans Apart  

Airline pilot Connor Evans and his wife, Michele are enjoying a happy life to together, when something comes up that will test them both. A plane goes down, and one of the casualties was Kiahna Siefert, a flight attendant that Connor had had an affair with. Kiahna leaves behind a seven-year-old son that her will stipulates must spend a summer with his father, Connor Evans, before being turned over to the state. Will this situation fracture Connor's family or heal it?                   

William Landay / FIC LANDAY                  
Defending Jacob

Andy Barber has been the assistant district attorney in his county for over twenty years. Then his world is rocked with his fourteen-year-old son, Jacob, is accused of murdering a fellow student. Jacob proclaims his innocence, and Andy is quick to believe him. However, the more facts and revelations come to light, Andy finds that he really doesn't know his own son. Was Jacob really capable of this, and can Andy cope with the consequences of the truth?               

Michael Lavigne / FIC LAVIGNE      
Not Me

Michael Rosenheim is given a box of moldy journals by his father and Alzheimer's patient, Heshel. What's in these journals shocks Michael, who becomes obsessed with finding out the truth about his father. The journals also have Michael questioning who he is, as well.                             

Craig Lesley / FIC LESLEY               

Danny Kachiah is a Nez Perce working the circuits as a rodeo cowboy, but that is not going very well. His wife, Loxie, leaves him, but soon, she is killed in car accident. Danny is left with his son, Jack, whom he knows very little about. In order to become closer to Jack, Danny uses the magnificent stories of Red Shirt, Danny's father,  to guide him.                    

Brian Leung / FIC LEUNG                
Lost Men

Westen Chan was only eight when his mother died and his father chose to send him to live with her relatives. Now, twenty years later, his father wants to take him on a trip to China, which he had promised him when Westen was a child. Now they are going as two strangers, but along the way, maybe they can find each other and deal with a question that neither has wanted to ask (one that is answered in a letter his mother wrote to them).                            

Ari Marmell / SF MARMELL             
Corvis Rebaine Series
The Conqueror’s Shadow             
The Warlord’s Legacy

He was known as The Terror of the East, and Corvis Rebaine and his little band carved death and destruction wherever they went. His plans for conquest failed, though, and he, along with his captive, Tyannon, escaped. Seventeen years later, he and Tyannon are married and have two children. Corvis is content with his life, until a upstart warlord, Audriss's, goons attack his daughter. Now can he take up arms (and get his little band back together) in order to take on his old mission?                       

Cormac McCarthy / FIC MCCARTHY
The Road  

America has become a barren wasteland with little life left to be found. This is where a father and son are walking along a road, heading toward a coast where they are not even sure anything still remains.                       

Diana O’Hehir / MYS OHEHIR
Carla Day Series
Murder Never Forgets        
Erased from Memory         
Dark Aura      

Carla Day's father was once a famous Egyptology, but now he is suffering from Alzheimer's and living in an assisted living facility, where she is working as an orderly. Then suspicious things start happening at the facility, and Carla starts looking around to see what is going on (and if it has something to do with something Egyptian that her father had worked on). In the later books, her father's work leads to future mysteries and murders.                    

Regina Omelveny / FIC OMELVENY
The Book of Madness and Cures

Dr. Gabriella Mondini, has followed her father in the path of medicine. She has a passion for "physick," even though, in Venice in 1590, a woman doctor is not readily accepted. So when her father disappears on a mysterious journey, Gabriella's own status in the Venetian medical society is threatened. Her father has left clues, the letters from his travels as he researches his vast encyclopedia. After ten years of having him missing, Gabriella decides to find him, a journey that takes her through great university cities, centers of medicine, and remote villages across Europe. She bravely follows the clues to her lost father, all while taking notes on maladies and treating the ill to supplement her own work.              

Alice Sebold / FIC SEBOLD              
The Lovely Bones                

Susie Salmon was walking home from school one December day, when a man lured her to an underground place, raped her, and killed her. Even though the reader and Susie know the man responsible for this act, her family (and no one else) have a clue who he is. Her father suspects and nevers gives up on his suspicions, even as his family falls apart around him. 

Keith Thomson / FIC THOMSON      
Once a Spy                                
Twice a Spy           

Drummond Clark was once a spy. Now Alzheimer’s disease has taken its toll and he’s just a confused old man who’s wandered away from home, waiting for his son to pick him up. When Charlie Clark brings him back to his Brooklyn home, they find it blown sky high and bullets flying in every direction.  At first, Charlie thinks its has something to do with his Russian “creditors.”  Then his dad effortlessly hot-wires a car as their escape vehicle, and Charlie begins to suspect there’s much more to his father than he ever thought.  He his father's career as an appliance salesman was actually a front for his work in espionnage.  Drummond’s intricate knowledge of the “device” (he was working with) is extremely dangerous information to have in such a confused mind.  The CIA wants to “contain” him--and so do some other shady characters. This leads both men to go on the run. In Twice a Spy, the men are hiding out in Switzerland, attempting to bring back Drummond's memory, when Charlie's NSA girlfriend is kidnapped, and they have to work together to get her back.

Christopher Tilghman / FIC TILGHMAN   
Roads of the Heart                     

Eric Alwin has gone to visit his elderly father, a  Maryland senator whose personal and professional lives have been rocked by a sex scandal. Realizing that his life is not turning out so differently than his father's, Eric is astonished when his dad suggests a road trip. The trip becomes an exploration of the two men's lives and helps the two men become closer. As Eric discovers the secret behind the scandal that led to his father’s fate, he will also realize what he must do to repair things in his own life.

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