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Mom Fiction

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday May 12, it is a good time to do some reading about moms. The following books were taken from a bibliography called Mom Fiction, which can be found on the Mothers display, and the bibliography is posted online, as well. 

Grab sometimes titles for yourself or a mother you know!

MYS ALLAN              
Barbara Allan

A Trash N’ Treasure Mystery Series

After a tough divorce, Brandy Borne is moving back home (to both her hometown and to her larger-than-life mother's house) and trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Brandy's mother, Vivian, has some issues (some of which are mental), and so Brandy has her hands full, especially when the antiques that she and her mother work with lead to more and more mysterious deaths.  

Antiques Maul              
Antiques Flea Market   
Antiques Bizarre        
Antiques Knock-Off
Antiques Disposal
Antiques Chop

FIC BENSON             
Raymond Benson

The Black Stiletto Series

Martin Talbot runs across several volumes of his mother's diaries and discovers something amazing.  His now Alzheimer's stricken mother was once The Black Stiletto, a vigilante who fought crime in New York in the 1950s. These events may also lead to adventure, when an individual that Judy put away in the 1950s is out of prison and seeking revenge. The second and third books continue her adventures. 

The Black Stiletto: The First Diary—-1958
The Black Stiletto: The Second Diary—1959
The Black Stiletto: The Third Diary—-1960

FIC COBO                  
Leila Cobo

The Second Time We Met

Twenty-year-old Asher Stone was on his way to a professional soccer career, when an accident shattered that dream. He begins to wonder about the girl in Columbia, Rita Ortiz, who gave him up for adoption. Finding Rita is not so easy, though, and Asher's parent's are starting to worry about this meeting. Soon, Rita hears about Asher, but will she give up the life that she has worked hard to turn around for this second meeting?

FIC DUPREE             
Kia DuPree


Nicola Hampton has worked so hard to provide for her three children, but when she loses her job, this becomes more and more difficult. Nicola's sons are turning to drug-dealing, but Nicola wants so much more for them, especially her daughter, Tinka. Unfortunately, this means that Nicola pushes Tinka a little harder than Tinka likes, and soon, Tinka may turn completely from her mother to someone really bad for her. Will her mother be able to save them all?

SF FREER                  
Dave Freer


In 1976, the British Empire is still spread all over the globe, and coal is the main source of energy. Clara Calland and her scientist mother are on the run from the Empire (and its airships). They hide in "drowned London" in the canals under the main city. When the Imperial soldiers dare even the canals to find them, the two women must escape aboard the Cuttlefish, a coal-fired submarine. Will the women be able to get away, especially with the lost scientific secret that threatens Imperial power?

Mary Curran Hackett

Proof of Heaven

Colm may be young, but he knows enough to know that he is sick and is not getting better. His mother, Cathleen, believes that faith will heal Colm. Colm is not sure of this, but he does know that he is prepared to die. The one thing that he wants, though, is to meet the father that abandoned his mother before he was born. 

FIC HAUSER            
Melanie Lynne Hauser

Confessions of Super Mom

Strange things have been happening with Birdie Lee, divorced mother of two, since the "Horrible Swiffer Accident." She suddenly has super powers (to know when her children are up to something dangerous and clean really, really well), and she may even have found an arch-nemesis with an "evil plan."

FIC JONES               
Lloyd Jones

Hand Me Down World

A woman washes up on the shore of Sicily. All she has with her is the maid uniform she is wearing and a knife, but she intends to get back her son, whose father stole him away when he was just days old. The story is told from the point of view of the strangers that encounter this woman on her journey.  

FIC KENNER              
Julie Kenner

Kate Connor—Demon Hunter Series

Once upon a time Kate Connor was a demon hunter. That is all in her past  now. Now Kate is a stay-at-home mother of two. Unfortunately, Kate is pulled back into the demon-hunting world, when she is attacked by a demon mere minutes before an important dinner party. Kate does not want her family to know what she used to be, but will she be able to hide it, take care of the demon problem, and make sure that her toddler makes his playdates?

Carpe Demon              
California Demon        
Deja Demon
Demons are Forever
Demon Ex Machina

FIC LUPTON             
Rosamund Lupton


Grace tries her best to save her daughter, Jenny, from the burning school building. The next thing they both know, their bodies are being worked on in the hospital, and they are in an incoporeal state. It turns out that the fire was set on purpose, and the person who started it is still interested in Jenny. Grace may be the only "being" who can find this person and stop them in time.

FIC MALLERY           
Susan Mallery   

Already Home  

Jenna Steven's world is rocked when her marriage ends, and she decides to move back to her hometown of Georgetown, Texas and start her own kitchen supply store. Unfortunately for Jenna, she is not quite sure where to start, but meeting Violet is a big help (Violet has a lot of retail experience). Just when things are looking up for Jenna and Violet, Jenna is surprised by her birth parents, who have decided to unite their family after so many years. 

FIC RAY                    
Jeanne Ray

Calling Invisible Women

Clover knows that her age, she does turn heads the way that she once did, but on the morning that she wakes up invisible, she is shocked when her husband and son don't even notice. Checking with her friend, Clover finds that she is not going insane, but she has truly gone invisible. She had just never noticed that she had been that way with her family. After finding other women that share the same affliction, Clover and these women work to be noticed and appreciated. 

David Rosenfelt

Heart of a Killer

Jamie Wagner is an underachieving lawyer whose world is rocked by a case. Sheryl Harrison had been convicted of her husband's murder, whom she claimed had been abusive. Then Sheryl's fourteen-year-old daughter becomes sick and needs a heart transplant. Sheryl would do anything to help her daughter, even commit suicide, but she ends up getting put on suicide watch in prison. Now she needs Jamie to help her prove her innocence and get free. Then she can met her goal of saving her daughter. 

FIC SANTO            
Courtney Miller Santo

The Roots of the Olive Tree

There are five generations of women living on an olive grove in Northern California. A geneticist wants to study why these women have lived so long, especially Anna, who is 112 years old. The women do not want the geneticist finding out all of their secrets, though. 

FIC SIN                    
Kyong-suk Sin 

Please Look After Mom

In South Korea, a family is frantically searching for their mother, who went missing within the crowds of Seoul Station subway. In coming up with the information needed to find her, her children start to see just how much they didn't really know the woman who is their mother.

FIC ZEPEDA              
Gwendolyn Zepeda

Better With You Here

Natasha Davila thinks that she has finally gotten things mostly back to normal with her children after her divorce. Then her ex decides to remarry and start a new family, and he wants full custody of the children. Natasha finds friends in her neighbors, and these women are facing similar problems in their own lives. When her ex starts threatening her with news about her new friends, Natasha will need all the support she can get.

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