Monday, September 12, 2011

The Towers: A Dan Lenson Novel of 9/11 / by David Poyer

On the morning of September 11, 2001, US Navy Commander Dan Lenson is still a little peeved about not getting his promotion to Captain. Both he and his wife, who worked for the Secretary of Defense during the previous President's tenure, think it's a bit of a slight that such a decorated officer as Dan can't be promoted--he does have a Congressional Medal of Honor. So on this day, Dan's headed to the Pentagon to talk things over with some of the upper Brass who include some former classmates--Dan is a Class of '71 Naval Academy grad--while his wife is headed to New York for a job interview after the latest round of government layoffs. As he reads the morning paper, Dan sees the usual problems, mostly foreign conflicts and political overhaul and thinks that some things just never change.

When two hijacked airplanes fly into the twin towers and then the pentagon, both Dan and his wife are drastically impacted. Dan gets out of harm's way but loses contact with Beth and its a few desperate hours before he can find out that she's safe, having just barely escaped before the collapse of Tower #1. As Beth heals and the country tries to recuperate mentally and emotionally, Dan is assigned to a SEAL Team and deployed to Afghanistan where he and his men's top mission is to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden and eliminate his Taliban regime. Though deployed to Afghanistan almost immediately, politics and red tape interfere with the military efforts. Meanwhile, Muslim-American Special Agent Aisha Ar-Rahim, though operating in Yemen, finds out just how fast the world can turn against people of her race and nationality. This is a great book on the a subject which affects everyone. (FIC POYER)

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