Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Repeat Until Rich: A Professional Card Counter's Chronicle of the Black Jack Wars / by Josh Axelrad

Like a lot of low-level financial operators on Wall Street, Josh Axelrad wanted to be rich--now. He had a method of making more money, more effeciently for himself that was at least semi-legal and, if not as sure-fire as some more conservative ventures, was at least more fun than peddling stock options to already-wealthy people. And so at twenty-four, the investment banker set out to make his fortune at the blackjack tables of America's gaming parlors and casinos. Learning some tips of the trade from a fellow blackjack hustler who advised him on avoiding the wily floor managers and surviving inevitable run-ins with casino bosses, of which Josh was assured was the key to successfully winning big, the novice gambler but soon-expert card counter set off for Las Vegas in hopes of hitting the jackpot. The theory put to practice seemed to work for Axelrad who employed his savvy skill and swiftness with figures to live the high life. It wasn't easy. Axelrad's type of lifestyle wasn't gained without some serious interference from various authorities prompting more than a few hasty retreats across casino floors, personal interrogations from angry pit bosses and being banned from over 100 american casinos. But as he retells it, his nearly six-year spree was at least a fun alternative to the 9-to-5 and he did rake in some big time cash payoffs. The author also discusses some of the finer points of being a 'professional' gambler, debunking the myths involved in counting cards, what you can and can't get away with, and the various methods of interacting with other "big players" who are in on the scam. Never is it seen as something only MIT grads can do nor is it encouraged as a novice pastime because, after all, the risk doesn't always meet the reward. (795.423 AXELRAD)

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