Monday, July 11, 2011

Lottery Winners and Windfalls: Books On Unexpected Wealth

The Winner / by David Baldacci
Something is crooked in the nation's capital, and for once it's got nothing to do with politics. The national lottery has been fixed 12 times by a man named ‟Jackson‟ who deftly goes about putting the proceeds and the lottery winners to his own "good use". Now to protect his secret, he aims to kill the latest winner, a poor, innocent working class single mom named LuAnn Tyler. But what Jackson doesn't know is that LuAnn isn't as innocent as she seems and she doesn't much like the thought of dying and leaving her young daughter all alone in the world. (FIC BALDACCI)

Money Can't Buy Love / by Connie Briscoe
For 38-year-old Lenora Stone, bad luck seems to be the only luck she has at all. A beat photographer for Baltimore's rich and fabulous, all phases of Lenora's dismal life seem stuck in reverse until the day she wins the jackpot in the Maryland Lottery. Suddenly everything she ever wanted (or maybe didn't want as is the case with her dull boyfriend Gerald) is within her influence of control. But can having all the money in the world cause a girl to go too far? (FIC BRISCOE)

Mr. Toppit: A Novel / by Charles Elton
Children's author Arthur Hayward never lived to see the success his little series of books would generate. He was run over by a cement truck just before his novels broke it big. Now his literary legacy and its substantial monetary benefits have been left to his widow Martha and their two children Rachel and Luke. And while fame and fortune are nice for a little while, the long-term cost of being branded with the Hayward namesake is a little on the unpleasant side, especially for Luke who's seen as the real-life model for the protagonist in his father's novels. (FIC ELTON)

Lucky You / by Carl Hiaasen
Grange, Florida's latest claim to fame is JoLayne Lucks, the unlikely winner of the state lottery. Only JoLayne's winning ticket isn't the only one. The other belongs to Bodean Gazzer and his raunchy sidekick, Chub, who believe they're entitled to the entire $28 million jackpot, needing the entire amount right away to fund their own underground militia. Unwilling to give up her rightful winnings, JoLayne fights back when Bode and Chub beat her up and steal her ticket, vowing to track them down, take back what's hers and get revenge. (FIC HIAASEN)

Windfall / by James Magnuson
Even though he's always thought himself to be above worrying about material things like having enough money, 40-year-old Ben Lindberg is feeling the pinch. And he's not liking it. He can't fix his car, he can't buy a better house in a better part of town, his wife won't stop bugging him and he just can't seem to feel good about his job. So when he suddenly stumbles (literally) across a stash of cash in his own basement, he sees little reason why he shouldn't put it to good use. But there's a reason why the cash was there in the first place, and it's not one which had Ben's financial straits in mind. (FIC MAGNUSON)

Lucky Chica / by Berta Platas
Rosie Caballero leads what she feels is kind of a shabby life. Her third-rate job leaves her with barely enough money to pay the rent and almost no money to keep her dog, Tootie, well-fed. But Rosie's ship comes in when she wins the largest lottery jackpot ever--$600 Million. With her newfound wealth, Rosie's now a minor celebutante with glamour, glitz and fame now within her price range. With everything she ever wanted and some unexpected surprises which never occurred to her, Rosie's got it made in the shade. But there's some things that money just can't buy. (FIC PLATAS)

Windfall / by Penny Vincenzi
In Depression-era Britain, Cassia Tallow is a doctor's wife and a doctor herself even though she's more a stay-at-home mom at the moment. When she suddenly inherits a large fortune from her wealthy godmother, Cassia's world instantly changes into one where she can both mingle with her former high society friends and be a doctor, the kind of humanitarian practice she's always wanted, at her own discretion. But when certain clues bring her to the suspicion that her inheritance may not be rightfully her own, Cassia tries to track down the truth at any cost. (FIC VINCENZI)

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