Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time Travel Romance

Charming the Highlander / by Janet Chapman
When a plane crashes in the snowy Maine wilderness, scientist Grace Sutter is the only one to survive. Or so she thinks. Amidst the wreckage she soon locates a man named Greylen MacKeage who’s medieval Scottish getup proves to be no joke. Greylen is an actual highland warrior who’s traveled through time seeking the woman he’s destined to love. This is the first book in Chapman’s “Highlander” series. (FIC CHAPMAN)

Outlander / by Diana Gabaldon
In 1945, Claire Randall is on a second honeymoon with her husband in the Scottish highlands when she happens to step inside an ancient stone circle and is transported back to the year 1743. There she confronts a world at war with the Scots bravely fighting the English to preserve their native homeland and heritage. Immediately swept up in the drama, Claire is harbored by the Fraser clan and eventually forced into marrying a highland warrior. This is the first book in Gabaldon’s (soon to be eight-part) “Outlander” series. (FIC GABALDON)

Dark Seduction / by Brenda Joyce
Malcolm of Dunroch is a master of the dark arts in medieval Scotland, a place where peace is hard to come by and fair maidens whom he can seduce—to his and their ultimate doom—are never far away. Knowing the destructive force his powers can potentially have, Malcolm tries to deny himself all forms of pleasure until a beautiful young girl, Claire Camden, who’s had her own problems with escaping conflict, is sent back from the future. This is Joyce’s first book in her “The Masters of Time” series. (FIC JOYCE)

One Enchanted Evening / by Lynn Kurland
Costume designer Pippa Alexander has been asked to provide her expertise at a party being held at an old English castle. Ultimately, she and all of the other guests, including her sisters, arrive at the party donned in Faerie regalia only to suddenly be plunged back in time to the 13th century. There a man named Montgomery de Piaget, the official Lord of the original castle, thinks the girls really are fairies and it’s up to Pippa to tell him otherwise. This book is a part of Kurland’s “Di Piaget” time travel series. (FIC KURLAND)

Touch of Enchantment / by Teresa Medeiros
Tabitha Lennox has always considered herself more rational than most. But when she looks closer at a strange amulet which her mother bequeathed to her, one she's been told holds special powers, she’s suddenly hurled back in time to the fourteenth century and directly into the path of a chain-mailed knight on horseback. But Tabitha's not the only one taken by surprise. It’s also the last thing the medieval warrior, Sir Colin of Ravenshaw, expected as a knight returning home from the crusades. (FIC MEDEIROS)

The Time Traveler’s Wife / by Audrey Niffenegger
Clare is desperately in love with her husband Henry De Tamble and is sure that they are destined to be together forever. The only problem is that Clare never knows when Henry will be ‘present’ because Henry is a time traveler, stricken with a strange genetic disorder causing him to live his entire life skipping back and forth through time. (FIC NIFFENEGGER)

Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict: A Novel / by Laurie Viera Rigler
Courtney Stone is still grieving over her broken wedding engagement when she suddenly wakes up in a different place in a different time—and in another woman’s body. Transplanted back to the nineteenth century in a regency England she finds familiar due to her love of Jane Austen, Courtney plays along with the setup, acting as the woman she’s supposed to be and sorting out the love life she’s intended to have. (FIC RIGLER)

Knight Errant / by Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson
American Robyn Stafford takes a trip from California to England to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday only to discover that he’s actually married with a family. To recoup from the discovery, she takes a few days to sightsee some of the medieval ruins in the area when she suddenly encounters a knight on horseback who identifies himself as Edward Plantagenet, Earl of March. He thinks it’s the year 1459 and at first believes Robyn to be a boy because she wears pants. But after this is sorted out, Plantagenet asks Robyn if she’d like to ride along, an offer she graciously agrees to. This is the first of Robertson’s “Knight Errant” series. (SF ROBERTSON)

Time After Time / by Constance O’Day-Flannery
Recently widowed Kelly Brennan is still going through the grief process when she reluctantly agrees to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. The Southern-styled ceremony, held outdoors near an old plantation home, gets even weirder for Kelly when she’s sucked into a mysterious oak tree and transported back to antebellum New Orleans. Shocked by her surroundings, she agrees to be aided by a young girl whose father, it turns out, is also widowed and bears a strange resemblance to Kelly’s late husband. (FIC ODAYFLAN)

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