Thursday, February 24, 2011

Danse Macabre / by Stephen King

So just what is horror? As an emotion, it's generally what prompts our fear and dread. As a genre within literature and popular entertainment, it is many things. Stephen King was asked this question many years ago in the form of a solicitation for a book idea. After pondering the experiment, he forged ahead, penning his own ideas on horror and its many facets in the book Danse Macabre. Over thirty years after its initial publication, the book is still around, having been republished over the years with various adaptations referencing newer stories, novels, comic books, films and even video games. The latest edition, published just last year, entails all of the author's personal thoughts and recollections on the genre from the time he was a kid hearing doomsday stories involving the Cold War all the way up until now where he stands as America's unquestioned master of the macabre. (302.23 KING)

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