Thursday, January 6, 2011

Senior Sleuths

The Shooting in the Shop: A Fethering Mystery / by Simon Brett
Chummy widows in the small coastal village of Fethering, England, Carole Seddon and her friend Jude are two former knockouts aging gracefully as they like to call it. When trendy shop around the corner burns to the ground and the daughter of a local couple is found dead inside, Carole and Jude think arson may be afoot and get busy on the sleuthing. (MYS BRETT)

She Shoots to Conquer / by Dorothy Cannell
Ellie Haskell may look and think like Miss Marple, but she’s her own person and can distinguish herself as well as anyone, especially when television cameras are around. When another mystery crops up involving some stolen diamonds, Ellie starts snooping around the Lord’s estate where the jewels were taken and where also, the production for a popular reality television is underway. (MYS CANNELL)

Wanting Sheila Dead: A Gregor Demarkian Novel / by Jane Haddam
Retired FBI agent Gregor Demarkian may be getting on in years but he’s feeling younger these days after his marriage and recent honeymoon, at least until he and his new wife arrive back in Philadelphia to find their reclusive neighbor dead, possibly poisoned. Meanwhile, a rather scandalous game show host, Sheila Dunham, has been the target of an assassination attempt and Demarkian has been asked to brainstorm on just who the would-be killer is? (MYS HADDAM)
What Are You Wearing to Die?: A Thoroughly Southern Mystery / by Patricia Houck Sprinkle
Home-grown Georgia gal MacLaren "Mac" Yarbrough may not look like your average detective, but the aging southern belle has always loved to play detective, so much so that her husband Joe has tried anything and everything to keep her from meddling in other people’s affairs. But when a local young mother is found dead, even Joe’s good-natured efforts at preventing her from getting involved can’t keep Mac from another mystery. (MYS SPRINKLE)

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