Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Inspirational Fiction

Unwrapping Christmas / by Lori Copeland
Mom and church activist Rose just loves the philanthropy aspect of Christmas. A true believer in doing all she can to help the less fortunate, Rose has worked herself silly this holiday season so much that she's currently rather dissatisfied when some of her programs don’t go according plan. Suddenly, as Rose finds herself straining to get things done, the real spirit of Christmas becomes muddled amid all the hustle and bustle. (FIC COPELAND)

The Memory Quilt: A Christmas Story For Our Times / by T.D. Jakes
Recently widowed Lela Edwards is not looking forward to a Christmas which she’ll almost certainly be spending alone. Dissatisfied with her family’s inability to reconnect for the holidays and pay homage to their time-honored tradition of the family quilt, Lena joins a women’s Bible Study group at her local Chicago church to help her through the difficult time. (FIC JAKES)
An Amish Christmas: A Novel / by Cynthia Keller
Meg Hobart is a homemaker living in Charlotte, NC with her loving successful husband and two wonderful children when it all implodes after her husband betrays her trust and the family is plunged into poverty. But a strange twist lands the family in the home of an Amish family in Pennsylvania for Christmas where Meg Learns a valuable lesson about life, love, happiness and true prosperity. (FIC KELLER)

The Christmas Candle / by Max Lucado
In a simpler time in the cozy English country village of Gladstone, one very exceptional event occurs every 25 years on Christmas Eve. On this night a mysterious stranger—an angel—appears to light a candle in the home of the local candle maker. The family then gives the candle to someone in need. The person on the receiving end always experiences a miracle (FIC LUCADO)

Christmas in Cedar Cove / by Debbie Macomber
Cedar Cove, WA is one place where you can be sure that folks know how to celebrate Christmas the right way. In this cozy corner of the world, simpler things such as spending time with family and rehashing stories from past Christmases are solid traditions, traditions always sure to go great with the delicious mug of locally mulled apple cider. (FIC MACOMBER)

Zanna’s Gift: A Life In Christmases / by Scott Richards
The Pullman family is devastated when they lose their eldest son Ernie to a terminal illness one Christmas. 4-year-old Suzanna, the family’s youngest child, had a particularly special bond with her big brother—it seems that she drew pictures only Ernie could see. The last picture she drew, named “the gift”, was presented to Ernie on his deathbed and is something which bonds the entire family together in a most unexpected way throughout the following years. (FIC RICHARDS)

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