Saturday, September 4, 2010

Border Lit: Fiction Highlighting the US-Mexico Border

Caramba!: A Tale Told in Turns of the Card / by Nina Marie Martinez
Plenty more is going on in Lava Landing, CA than most people know about. The small border town is home to a dormant volcano, a beauty pageant which crowns a Miss Magma each year, and some of the best sounding mariachi music ever played. It’s also where two bosom buddies Natalie and Consuelo are planning a strange trip into Mexico, one which aims to cross dimensions as well as borders. (FIC MARTINEZ)
The Creed of Violence / by Boston Teran
In 1910, the Mexican Revolution is in full swing and arms smuggler named Rawbone is in the thick of it. A man who deals in guns as well as lives (he’s also an assassin-for-hire), Rawbone lives the cutthroat life until he’s caught by US authorities. When his only way out is to inform on some of his cronies, Rawbone relents and is escorted back across the border to help infiltrate a very violent world of treachery and betrayal. (FIC TERAN)
Crossers: A Novel / by Philip Caputo
Devastated following the death of his wife, Gil Castle leaves his posh Manhattan surroundings for his family’s ranch in Arizona. The land, which straddles the Mexican border, is definitely not as peaceful as it looks. A fact which is evidenced almost immediately when Gil discovers a badly beaten, left-for-dead Mexican illegal on the property. This episode is only the beginning as Gil soon butts heads with the ruthless owner of a local drug cartel along with some far worse characters. (FIC CAPUTO)
No Country For Old Men / by Cormac McCarthy
While hunting for antelope near the Texas-Mexico border, Llewellyn Moss comes across a mutilated band of Mexican drug traffickers, all of them dead or dying after a drug deal gone bad. Llewellyn steals away with the over $2 million loot found on the scene only to be pursued by members of the Mexican cartel, DEA officials, local police and one particularly dangerous sociopath named Anton Chigurh. (FIC MCCARTHY)
Far Bright Star: A Novel / by Robert Olmstead
Napoleon Childs is an aging professional soldier in 1916 when he’s sent in search of the Mexican renegade Pancho Villa. When he and his platoon of troops lose track of the elusive Pancho, they become disoriented and are attacked by a gang of marauding bandits who kill most of the party, leaving only Napoleon to die alone in the desert. (FIC OLMSTEAD)
The River Flows North: A Novel / by Graciela Limon
A small band of Mexicans seeking to cross the Sonora desert into the US mutually hire a "coyote", or escort for the purpose. Though they’re facilitated with the necessary means and proper guidance to make it into Arizona, feelings of anxiety, suspicion and impending doom creep into the atmosphere as the party nears their destination. (FIC LIMON)

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