Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saving Face: How To Lie, Fake, and Maneuver Your Way Out Of Life's Most Awkward Situations / by Andy Robin and Gregg Kavet

"The tactics in this book work for anyone, from the brain damaged simpleton to the self-indulgent genius." (p. 4). Thus begins Andy Robin's little book on ordinary, everyday quandaries that tend to befuddle even the most suave individuals. Robin, a former writer on Seinfeld, discusses dozens of worst-case scenarios, unintentional mix-ups and frequent faux pas which land us all in life's embarassing episodes. Learn what to do when you arrive at a party without a gift, how to make your friends' negative qualities seem completely acceptable, and what to say to relatives you just don't want to see. There's even a "toolbox" section which lists dozens of tactics and contingency plans for what to do about breaking up with that not-so-special-anymore someone you just don't have the guts to tell they're no longer liked.

Robin and his TV writing partner Kavet know all the convenient ways to avoid life's little social disasters. Their anecdotal pieces are surprisingly practical, though never without some tongue-in-cheek good humour. And their advice is doable, even if it's not always so honorable. So whether it's forgetting the name of someone who seems to know you and your lifestory, or even if it's just finessing your way through those uncomfortable situations at family get togethers, Saving Face has you covered. It can prepare you to blase their way through potential public humiliations, refocus the attention on someone else when the heat is on or avoid altogether those things you just don't feel like doing. (818.607 ROBIN)

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