Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Every Place Noir ("Akashic Noir Series" short story mystery anthologies)

Ever wonder about what's going on beneath the surface in your town. Now you can get the best of underworld drama going on pretty much wherever with indie publisher Akashic's highly successful Noir series, each book an anthology comprised of thrilling mystery and crime fiction shorts set in prominent cities and locales from around the world. Beginning with it's award-winning 2004 book Brooklyn Noir, the series has promptly put out over 40 subsequent original noir mystery anthologies. Each book is comprised of brand new crime shorts, each one set in a distinct neighborhood or location within each city, country or region with places ranging from Portland, Ore. to Moscow and from Mumbai (India) to Haiti. Orange County (CA) & Indian Country, USA are just some of the latest places to be showcased within the currently available collection with many more on the way. Don't forget to checkout for Lone Star Noir set to debut this fall.

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